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Your Used Car Department, Lets Make It Your Most Profitable!! - Ian Parker Management Group

Your Used Car Department,
Lets Make It Your Most Profitable!!

Your used car department can be your most frustrating but getting it right, can be your most profitable! No one else controls the outcome of this department but you. Your used car department requires the same, if not more attention than your new car departments, you undoubtedly follow a strict process when a new car has arrived of getting it pre-delivered, detailed and on the floor within a certain timeframe. Is the same strict process followed with your used cars? Do you know how to give them the attention they need?

From what to look for at trade in and strategies around when to spend, what to spend it on and why you should adopt the “no wholesale” vs “re-price philosophy” on your aged stock for better returns within the whole of your dealership. The opportunity is huge!

The right strategy, executed well, has doubled used vehicle sales and profits at many dealerships we have worked with!

Typically there are 3 key areas that undermine your used car profit




Yard Presentation



You can see how important yard presentation is, you certainly want to be appealing to the hundreds if not thousands of cars that drive past your dealership daily.

Just as important as your yard presentation is your presentation ON-LINE, ie Carsales, Country Cars and your own website. From your vehicle photos/videos, their descriptions and specific Keywords to consider, to fully maximise search rates on your inventory.

Are you maximising genuine buyer enquiries?

Internet Tips and Order

Search Keyword Examples

How To Acquire More Used Cars

Are you struggling to acquire enough quality used cars for your dealership? Would you like the opportunity to trade more used cars? Would you like simple tips & strategies on buying private? Learn how with this 13 part video series complete with scripts, word tracks, example LIVE calls, the step by step how to’s and the why.

  • 13 “How To” Online Videos
  • All Phone, SMS, Email, Appointment & Follow Up Scripts/Word Trackse
  • Live Call Examples
  • Trade-In Tips
  • Voucher Templates
  • In Dealership Experience Guide
  • Lead and Follow Up Sheet
  • Plus Much More

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We help you streamline your whole Used Car Department with:

  • Stock Mix
  • Internet Options
  • Wholesale Analysis
  • Aged Stock
  • Trade-In Evaluations
  • Reconditioning Systems

We specialise in Used Car Department Coaching – From Sales right through to Senior Management

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Used Car Sales Coaching

This programme is designed for all serious minded sales professionals.

New people to the industry experience a quantum leap in skills saving them years of trial and error, Whilst experienced used car people take their existing skills to a higher level as they can see and appreciate the more sophisticated techniques being presented.

Used Car Sales Managers Leadership Mentoring Programme

With this system Used Car Sales Managers will develop the full range of skills they need to be more effective in their Used Car Sales Management roles.

Strategies on how to recruit an exceptional team, train and coach that team and most of all strategies and techniques on how to keep their team(s) motivated and empowered!

GM/DP Leadership Mentoring

You will understand why Leadership must start with you! And why leaders are Big Picture People –Mission, Vision, Strategy. Strategies for building a Dealership culture that attracts great talent and also how to earn the trust and respect of all your team members FAST! Unlock the hidden secrets of motivation and why it’s so important to understand them. Most of all you will learn how to be a leader worth following!

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