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Success Stories

IPMG have worked with many Coaching clients and businesses over the years and they’ve experienced first-hand, the stunning results of their unique real world initiatives and advice. Remember, the vast majority of ideas and advice you’ll get from IPMG through Top Gun Coaching Programs – is not available anywhere else. The personal one-on-one interaction is priceless.

So view these comments from IPMG clients and see what an instant difference they make to anyone’s business and personal success.

“This is all very powerful material and will definitely need Ian to be my “unreasonable friend”

Dan Vardanega
Green Homes Australia Franchisee
South East NSW

“I sold a car this week to a customer who initially made a low offer on the price. So I explained what they were getting again, and they made another offer. Once again I explained what the benefits were they were getting. I ended up selling the car at window price. This is a great example of what I have learned on selling on value not price! Thanks Ian”

“I will be using the follow up system you showed me Ian, It’s brilliant”

Jordan Gill
Sales Professional
John Patrick Prestige Cars – Port Macquarie

“Since starting Top Gun I have been much more positive and proactive in everything I do and people around me are definitely picking up on that.
I’m much more positive and proactive now

“I had been dealing with a prospect for some time, using a Top Gun strategy I simply asked for a commitment and they agreed! That easy!”

Dennis Persson
Green Homes Australia Franchisee
South West Sydney NSW