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About Ian Parker Management Group (IPMG)

About IPMG

Ian Parker and Melanie Fitzsimmons make up the team from IPMG, together they have over 45 years’ experience in the Motor Industry after owning and operating 2 very successful, very profitable and highly awarded dealerships.

They both have developed the passion for implementation of systems and strategies and seeing the magic of such simple things work! Likewise with their people, it was very hard to attract experienced staff to such a remote location such as Griffith, so we hired on attitude and trained/coached them to become great salespeople and managers. We knew that if they had a great attitude we could teach them anything. Whilst also understanding the importance of motivation within individuals as well as the whole team.

Discover How to Build Value instead of discounting:

We’ll help you and your staff position themselves as a “friend in the business” and your dealership as stand out to your potential clients especially if you’re tired of being “shopped” and feel like you always have to discount to get the deal. There’s one thing that no other dealership has and that’s you and your staff.
We can also show you how get your customers/clients to keep coming back over and over again – pure gold for any dealership. And better still it’s cost effective and it’s really easy to implement!

So what’s Our Background?

Ian began in the motor Industry in 1983 at Central West Ford selling new Fords and Used Cars in Orange NSW. Through his new found passion his sales escalated quickly and was soon selling 28 cars a month, a few years later he became Used Car Manager, then General Manager thereafter.

In 1989 Ian established Ian Parker Motors in Orange starting with only 9 used cars on 800sqm block, and 2 on the staff. Second month in he sold 30 cars! Ian Parker Motors grew into a leading dealership in the Central West where everyone shopped for a quality used vehicle ~ with a quirky little jingle “Ian Parker Cares” which is still remembered today!

Melanie, before joining Ian Parker Motor Group in 2005, had vast experience in management in the retail sector with the Just Jeans Group. She started off her motor career selling Proton and SsangYong gaining state wide and national recognition for sales achievement. She then went on to become Honda Sales Manager at Ian Parker Motor Groups’ new facilities were she continued to be recognised for both sales and customer satisfaction.

Orange 1989
Orange 1995
Orange 2006
Griffith Before
Griffith After
Throughout the years Ian Parker Motor Group won many awards both town based and nationally recognised achievements through the manufacturers and automotive governing bodies.
By 2009 when the business was sold with 4 franchises on 8500sqm on purpose built facilities. It was also one of Honda’s most awarded dealerships in Australia.

After both relocating to Griffith in 2010 they then had the opportunity with partners to buy into Griffith and Leeton Motor Groups out of receivership. By putting their simple systems and processes into place from the ground up they turned both businesses into booming, profitable and again awarded dealerships in 2 years. They then went on to building both businesses even further for another 3 years.

So what makes Ian Parker Management Group different?? We were both fully hands on in both businesses and still selling cars until changeover day so we understand what’s it’s like “on the floor”, we understand the frustrations of the day to day running of a dealership , dealing with staff, customers, manufacturers and finance companies.

We operate with simple systems and processes, breaking everything down to bite size pieces so they are easy to work with and understand across all areas of your dealership.

Ian Parker Management Group won’t judge you or your business as everyone has their own life reasons for why things are the way they are, we are extremely motivated, highly confidential professional people just looking to help you put your healthy intentions into action!

We’ve walked in your shoes so we understand, we are as motivated to give you the result as you are to see it!

We look forward to working with you

Ian and Mel

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