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What Others Say About IPMG

IPMG have worked with many businesses and clients over the years that are only too happy to tell the world the great results and impact that they have had on their business and personal lives!

So view these comments from IPMG clients and see what a difference they make to anyone’s business and sales success

Philip Hardman

Dealer Principal – Hardman Automotive

Sarah Hearn

Sales Executive – Bowman and Graham Real Estate

Peter Russell

Director – On Trac Ag

Brendan Hicken

Used Car Manager – Doms Motors

Shane Bayliss

Manager – South East Plant & Truck Centre

Michael Pentecost

DP – Clancy Motor Group

Brendon Fush

Leadership Program – Auto Academy

Kodie Mansell

Senior Sales – Owen Toyota

Toby Patrick

General Manager – John Patrick Prestige Cars

Wade Slaughter

Sales Professional – Brown and Hurley Trucks

Greg Renner

Dealer Principal – Ingham Group NZ

Roy McEwen

Sales Manager – Jaram Australia

Haydn McGrath

Sales Professional – City Subaru

Glenn Day

Sales Professional – Brown and Hurley Trucks

Tony Patterson

Dealer Principal – Farm and Garden Products

Kristy McAndrew

Sales Professional – Victory Ford

Tim Leahey

Dealer Principal – Tony Leahey Motor Group

Colin Harding

Dealer Principal – Cairns Car and 4WD Centre

Luke Stenhouse

General Manager – Armstrong Auto Group

Quintin McLean

Sales Manager – Farm and Garden Products

Simona Berenyte

Customer Care Specialist – Victory Ford

Brendan Seawright

Sales Manager – Brown and Hurley Agriculture

Katherine Mackie

Franchisee – Line X Australia

Chantelle Little

Sales Specialist – Ingham Group NZ

Pete Drayton

Senior Sales – Victory Ford

Rod Pratt

Sales Professional – Farm and Garden Products

Nick Karlos

Sales Professional – Victory Isuzu Ute

I have known Ian Parker for many years within the motor industry.

After Ian sold his Honda dealership in Orange, I called to see if he could travel to Tamworth and assist us in growing our used vehicle business.

I was impressed with his clear and concise systems that he was able to explain and assist in the implementation. By changing certain processes that Ian suggested we have improved our used car business by 40%.

Of particular value to me was that I was able to call Ian anytime to bounce and clarify ideas. Ian is committed to getting results and he has my recommendation to any dealership that wishes to grow their business.

John Riolo

Dealer Principal, Woodley’s Motors

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your assistance in providing training and coaching to the leadership team and sales people at our dealerships.

It was very refreshing the way you approached and coached our team during your visit. It is not very often that external training providers can deliver such a pragmatic approach while still relating to the various personalities within a dealership.

Kind Regards,

Aaron Taylor

Dealer Principal l Director, City Motors Group

Auswild & Co has been associated with Ian Parker for over 15 years.

Ian owned a successful dealership in Orange (NSW) and was awarded Honda’s National Rural dealer of the year 5 times.

On the sale of his dealership, I had the opportunity of working with Ian Parker Management Group (IPMG) with one of my dealership client’s located in the Hunter Valley.

Due to Ian Parker’s experience, IPMG was initially consulted to provide and overall view of the dealership’s current performance, identify deficiencies and develop an action plan to be implemented within the dealership. After presentation of the business plan, it was decided by the Dealer Principal to engage the services of IPMG for a 4 month contract to implement the plan across the entire dealership.

IPMG’s use of simple, yet effective systems and processes, returned the dealership to profitability quickly and I have no hesitation in recommending IPMG and in fact when I have recommended IPMG in the past, people have been more than satisfied

James Dick

Director, Auswild & Co (Automotive Accountants)

A big thank you to each of you!!!

I want to express my gratitude for the support and assistance you have both displayed over and above our expectations this week.

You have instilled a positiveness and excitement into all of the staff here.

We now have many tools that will assist us in our business, your generosity has left us with an array of procedures, policies, methods and templates.

Thank you Thank you Thank you, Ian & Mel

A revived new start for everyone at Hardman Automotive.

Philip Hardman

Dealer Principal, Hardman Automotive

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you for your time, effort and support over the last couple of months.

Your service was professional, informative, productive and outstanding. I have had nothing but positive feedback from ALL the staff.

Please accept my sincere gratitude. My appreciation is endless!!!!!

Many, many, many thanks

Lana Hardman

Director, Hardman Automotive

I have recently worked with Ian Parker on the sale of an automotive dealership and the process was successfully concluded earlier this year.

Ian is very hands on and improved the business through the application of sound business principles in each of the five profit centres of the dealership. The energy Ian applied to the business, his decisiveness’ and total command of his staff resulted in a complete turnaround in the fortunes and bottom line of the business.

Ian’s detailed knowledge of the drivers for success in each of the five profit centres meant he was able to simply explain to each staff member what was required of them to improve their performance.

Ian’s extensive knowledge of the automotive market place allowed him to the plan and implement successful strategies to gain market share and maintain balance in the multi franchise dealership.

I would be please to work with Ian again and I valued his excellent and no nonsense communication skills which assisted a complex transaction to conclude in a timely manner.

I wish him continued success in the automotive sector.

Terry Carver

Principal, Plaza Corporate Services Pty Ltd

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