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Coaching & Mentoring Ian Parker

Coaching & Mentoring Ian Parker

This is perfect for Dealership or Business owners who would love to draw on Ian’s advice and 35 years of owning and operating his own highly profitable and very successful dealerships, either on a one-to-one basis or within your team(s). Ian can be “Skyped” in, for example, on a Managers meeting, team sales training/meetings, service and parts meetings etc.

He can with work privately with you and/or your team on a one time basis, monthly or annually it’s totally up to you. We can devise business and personal goals and create action plans on achieving those desired goals.

It’s no different from having a personal coach at the gym… you know that with a private coach, there’s a much stronger chance of getting the results you’re after.

Ian is all about getting results for you in the most cost effective way, one client recently commented “it’s great having access to Ian, as he gives me an outside perspective on my business, with not only fresh ideas, but stuff that actually works – it’s just invaluable!” The best part is you don’t have to leave your office!
Price is on application depending on your specific needs and timeframes, contact us today so you can start to experience the expertise of Ian Parker today!

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