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How To Increase Sales & Keep Your Team Motivated!!

How To Increase Sales &
Keep Your Team Motivated!!

We can all stand up and say something motivational to our staff, or we may even decide to get someone else in and pay them to motivate our staff. That may be centred around something great you’ve accomplished or the speaker has done. You may choose to tell them about all the great things they can achieve and have in life if they work hard, sell more cars or whatever the case may be. Which is great!!! Everyone needs motivation, everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning, everyone needs a reason to go to work every day, everyone needs motivation to do something – or anything for that matter!

Whilst all this is well and good, it’s more of a question “How long will it last” or “I hope it lasts”, we like to think we can give your staff something valuable, something a little longer lasting….

So I guess the next question is “Well, how are you going to motivate my staff”?

The best motivation comes from getting great results! And in achieving great results leads those to things that some may have believed were impossible!

    With our unique coaching system, IPMG will

  • Design their future success
  • Set goals to keep them on track and maintain a positive attitude
  • Teach them the skills they need to achieve their desired goals
  • Step them through a structured On-Line Program with concise videos with questions and handouts
  • Weekly accountability
  • One-on-One/Team Roleplays
  • 24/7 Access to a live Coach


That’s how we are going to motivate your staff, by teaching them the skills they need to achieve exceptional results and holding them accountable for their actions, coaching them to next level!

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Sales Coaching

This programme is designed for all serious minded sales professionals.

New people experience a quantum leap in skills saving them years of trial and error, Whilst experienced people take their existing skills to a higher level as they can see and appreciate the more sophisticated techniques being presented.

Sales Managers Leadership Mentoring Programme

With this system Sales Managers will develop the full range of skills they need to be more effective in their Sales Management roles.

Strategies on how to recruit an exceptional team, train and coach that team and most of all strategies and techniques on how to keep their team(s) motivated and empowered!

Leadership Mentoring

You will understand why Leadership must start with you! And why leaders are Big Picture People –Mission, Vision, Strategy. Strategies for building a company culture that attracts great talent and also how to earn the trust and respect of all your team members FAST! Unlock the hidden secrets of motivation and why it’s so important to understand them. Most of all you will learn how to be a leader worth following!

Success Stories

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The difference between training and coaching too often gets confused!

“Training is giving someone a skill or showing someone how to do something, whilst coaching is helping a person develop that skill over a period of time and helping them find solutions for themselves”

All our programs are about long term solutions not short term fixes, they include:

  • 3~12 month Online programmes
  • Concise Videos with powerful content
  • Quick questions to test what you have watched
  • End of Phase Reviews
  • 5~14 Live Video Conferences
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • 24/7 Access to Ian Parker IPMG
  • Complementary Audio Programmes
  • Mandatory Weekly Action and Commitments – Accountability
  • Private Facebook Forums
  • 100% Australian owned and operated

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Dealer Principal

Ecstatic salespeople who’ve experienced
the WOW of IPMG coaching

Sarah Hearn

Sales Executive
Bowman and Graham Real Estate

Shane Bayliss

South East Plant & Truck Centre

Kodie Mansell

Senior Sales
Owen Toyota

Brendan Hicken

Used Car Manager
Doms Motors

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